Blog #83 - GUI elements from the Star Wars movies

Sith Holocron


In some mods I've seen, there has been a shift to use more modern looking elements for in-game lighting and advertisements.  Though pretty, they don't seem to accurately give the "feel" that the Star Wars movies do.  After all Mass Effect isn't Star Wars and vice versa.  Therefore, I've created this blog entry to simply show off what I think those computer interfaces should look like by using pictures from the movies (and the production studio that created them.)


These shots come from the following Star Wars movies and are in no particular order: TFA, Rogue One, TLJ, and Solo.









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I think it depends on the environment, obviously ranging from a damaged, dimly lit to fresh and well kept. As well as the modders know-how on the engine which leads to very impressive lighting the add some extra elements of immersion to the world. It still feels like it was used. If it looked ultra clean and covered in baby oil, then I would agree it wouldn't look like star wars and more akin to generic sci fi pre star wars

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