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An Aspyring talk



The Xuul Report: Issue #2


Welcome to another entry of the Xuul Report. I will try to post more of these and become a less terrible writer. As always a

to keep it authentic.


As many of your know, the Steam version of Kotor 2 has received a massive update. This came at somewhat of a surprise to many people, myself included but also raised many questions. Never being one to step back from a challenge, I set to get some answers.


First I scoured the internet (Reddit, my Youtube comments, and Deadlystream) and gathered what I thought were the frequently asked questions. Then, I got in touch with one of the wonderful people over at Aspyr, the company behind the big update, and had a little chat with them. Here is a distilled version of the questions and answers from said chat.


An abridged version of my conversation with Aspyr


Xuul: Will there be a similar update for Kotor 1?


Aspyr: We never say never, but currently an update to KOTOR 1 on desktop is not on the roadmap.


Xuul: Why update Kotor 2 after all these years?


Aspyr: Updating our favorite games has been a big part of our business for years. For example, we’ve made significant updates to The Sims 2: Super Collection, Command & Conquer: Generals Deluxe Edition, Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered, etc. So when we set out to finally bring KOTOR II to Mac and Linux, it made perfect sense for us to dive in and update the game for modern hardware capabilities (including Windows PCs).


Xuul: Is there any way for Retail (4disk) users of Kotor 2 to use the update without having to repurchase the game on Steam?


Aspyr: "We don’t have an automatic mechanism for this, but retail copy owners should contact our support team and we will do our best to take care of them. You can reach them HERE.


Xuul: Will the update for Kotor 2 ever be pushed out to the Good Old Games (GoG) Version?


Aspyr: We are working with our friends at GOG and Disney to hopefully make that a reality soon.


Xuul: Mod Piracy is a concern to many people. What, if anything, can/could be done about this issue by either yourself or Steam/Valve?


Aspyr: ... Most of that has ironed itself out, but we do plan to clean up Workshop at some point. Our stance is, only the actual Mod authors should post the mod. Of course, we can’t prevent people from posting mods, but we can pull them down if we find out they are not being posted by the correct author. I would encourage any modder who is concerned about this to contact our support team and let us know what has happened.




If there is anything I missed you can ask it in the comments of the blog or send me a PM(Deadlystream) or and Email(found on my Youtube channel). Do not send me an Inbox on youtube as the inbox system is terrible. I may have the answer to your question here, or I can pass the question along to my friends at Aspyr, and hope that they are not too annoyed with me by now.


Thank you very much for reading, and have an excellent day.



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Disappointing about KotOR I.


Never knew about C&C: Generals. I have that game on CD still.


Interesting part about the 4 disc version of TSL.


Thanks Xuul.

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