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Malachor V Glitch

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Malachor V glitch

Hello - I'm new to this community so if this blog is the wrong place, or if there is anything that is in violation of the regulations of this site please inform me right away so I may correct it   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------   So I am making this blog because I am seeking advice on how to deal with a glitch of mine.   So far when I play Malachor V all is well as I run though the level slaying storm beasts. The Mira-Hanharr-confrontation, The sith-assassin-greeting, The remote's mission, the remote-goto-HK confrontation, and the party-vs-kreia confrontation also work well.   However when the party's confrontation with kreia is over, the game then reverts to my character, inside the the first level of the trayus academy.   At that point, none of the doors are even selectable (meaning that there is no blue circle over them for me to select and open them) and I've been told I'm supposed to fight enemy's at that point. When I load a save right at that point the loading bar stops loading. When I load a save before that point, everything progresses smoothly until that point.   Some installed mods that may have that caused this glitch are TSLRCM 1.8.2, the M4-87 Mod, VP's Trayus Rank Reformation found on Filefront (Its different to the one on this site)*, and Assassin to Dark Jedi Conversion found on filefront.   Here are the filefront mods >*http://;108867 >**;74174   This is on a playthrough where I'm playing as an LS female



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