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Hi everybody, i'm John. I've played kotor games a lot back in the days, and i was just replaying with them recently (mostly becouse i'm quite disappointed with nowadays games) and since in these last years i've learnt how to make many mods such port weapons armors and various mesh models in games like fallout and so on, i thought i could give a shot with kotor, but seriously, i really don't understand how it works the stuff in this game. I tried to look around for tutorials, but all tutorials i've found for porting a model are always for weapons and alike. I didn't find any tutorial on how port a character model/armor. And yeah, i did a lot of porting in NWN, which -i think- is the original engine bioware likely used for develop kotor. But even if the kotormax works very similiar to nwmax the best i was capable to get was an armor that appeared in game but static in t-pose becouse i guess i missed something..? Boh.

So, since i see there are some guys here who actually ported various meshes (heads, armors, and so on) i was wondering if someone could point me to some more specific tutorial or something like that?

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Actually, forget i've said anything. When i discovered that i simply needed to have the supermodel in the VERY same folder where you are loading the model you want, it was a piece of cake porting any model i want. For example:


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