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I'm wondering if any else has come across this - as haven't been able to find anything on google. I've ecoutnered a glitch with Mandlore (using the restored content mod). Normaly you can't remove his armour but somehow I've got him stuck wearing Zabrak Combat Suit - which of course being in the armour slot, I now can't remove, and I'm not really sure how it's happened. I was switching through menu's and leveling up I think? (I believe on Onderan), maybe equiping another character and then switching, or something similar. I thought it would sort itself after time and switching party members but it hasn't...

I have his suit in my inventory now to sell and everything. This may the restored content mod - I palyed my first play through on the GOG version without it and didn't encoutner any problems that aren't the ones every already knows. Definitately not this one anyway.

It took me long to notice, so I'm not going to back to an old save, but if anyone has had any XP with this happening before be interested if you managed to sort it out.

Not the end of the world though, I just won't use him in my party as much

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