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I have found a lot of hanging quests I will outline the hanging quests and dialogues first and then give my suspicions. 

Manaan: I can no longer participate in the swoop race, nor start the Pazaak tournament ( I actually enjoyed playing that).

Leviathan ( I can't remember where): But you talk to a Female Major and have the choice to heal her or kill her - it's a hanging dialogue that ends with an error.

Temple of the Ancients: In one of the first rooms near the entrance, you have a sith acolyte that you have the option to heal or kill and the dialogue ends in error.


I am running the steam version of KOTOR 1

the mods I'm running: EZ Swoop, Juhanni romance mod (allowing male PC to romance her), K1 Feat Progression, Several of Effixian's K2 portrait ports to K1, and Recruit Belaya. 

I think it is the "Recruit Belaya" mod that is conflicting with the K1R. Is there a way to remove this mod? Can I remove it from Steam?


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