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SKIN:Brutal Atton

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Brutal Atton

Atton, but Brutal.


By Thon, Age 20

Thon69 makes his FileFront debut with a new skin that totally makes Atton look like he went to the dark side.
I see in his new look, “Don’t mess with me pal.” His eyes are now black, he has red and black tattoos written all over his face,
and his ears look like he took a paintbrush over them to make them black.


Installation: Easy like pie. Install to your KOTOR 2 override's directory then shoot her up!
Uninstallation: You can't uninstall it, will screw your game up.  (But seriously, just remove P_AttnH1.tga, P_AttnH1D1.tga, and P_AttnH1D2.tga from your Override folder.)


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