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[WIP] Unique Sith Students

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It occurred to me that Korriban is probably the one planet that makes an effort to differentiate the named characters from the clone crowds elsewhere...with a few exceptions.

Kel Algwinn, Tamlen, and Adrenis all use the same Asian commoner model.

Tariga uses the secondary white commoner model which, depending on your planet order, gets annoyingly overused for side characters.

Dak Vesser uses the same Black commoner model that shows up a million times.

Thalia May has the same female Black commoner model as every other young woman.

I'm also tempted to try out a similar change for Belaya, Eli, Matton and Jordo, but they're on the back burner for now.

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Okay I've got the heads reskinned (almost missed Galon so he gets a reskinned commoner's head for ease of modding). Will test it out tomorrow, grab some screenies, and see how it flies.

I also went ahead and switched up the weapons for the two Twi'lek rebels, so hopefully they'll seem less interchangeable.

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Alright, so I've tested it out with KSE and they all seem to be working well.

Here's the screenies; let me know what y'all think.

[in order: Adrenas, Dak Vesser, Galon Lor, Kel Algwinn, Tariga (white) and Tamlen (asian), Thalia May]


Dak Vesser.png

Galon Lor.png

KelAlgwinn (2).png

Tariga and Tamlen.png

Thalia May.png

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