*SOLVED* Trying to edit placeables added by TSLRCM

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Hello, I'm new to kotor mod creation.

Recently I have been playing around with some of the kotor mod tools. I've successfully made a few very simple mods, however, the second mod I made seems to have a critical conflict with the prologue. I really want to fix this, the best way of fixing this is by changing the placeable I am edited by modifying some of the TSLRCM files. (I think)

I am hoping someone with knowledge of the TSLRCM file structure or however it modifies the games RIMS could give me a hand. I'm trying to edit the hidden compartment on the Ebon Hawk. To clarify it is not the one revealed on Narr Shadda. In-game it is called "Ebon Hawk Compartment" It's the one with the spice in it in kotor1. Same room the handmaiden hangs out in. I am fairly confident this is readded to the game by TSLRCM.

I checked all the placeables in all the ebon hawk rims and it still eludes me. If anyone can give me a hand or direct me to the right place I would be very grateful.

*Update 1*

Made some slight progress. I have found a reference "plc_ebcont.utp" under templates.bif/blueprint_placeables. This reference has the name "Ebon Hawk Container" when doubled clicked on in KOTOR TOOLS. However, even unmodified it does not have an Itemlist despite always having items in it in-game.. Regardless how much I try to add an item list with K-GFF and Kotor Tools, it will not budge. I have tried checking all three boxes in the advanced tab [Has inventory, party interact, and useable] seemingly to have no effect. I am also starting a new game and warping (via console warp 003ebo) to the ebon hawk everytime to ensure the placeable is reloaded.

*Update 2*

I found the file! I had to look in ERFs/Modules/003ebo.mod/E/ebcont001.utp instead of the RIMs.

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