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MOD:Impossible Mode Restored

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Impossible Mode Restored

Info: This mod restores Impossible difficulty for use in builds without K1R, although it can be used with K1R if you wish to use the Hardcore or Extreme package. As a bonus, I have included brand new Hardcore and Extreme difficulty packages, each with 3 new difficulty options that give a whole new meaning to the term Impossible Mode. These packages are for use with modded characters who still crave a challenge.

Use in conjunction with my other mods for maximum difficulty. This should give even heavily modded characters a challenge! (Level Up Rate and Extensive Difficulty Overhaul)


Mod Packages

Default: Easy (x0.5) Normal (x1.0) Difficult (x1.5)
Impossible: Easy (x0.5) Normal (x1.0) Difficult (x1.5) Impossible (x3.0)
Hardcore: Cautious (x1.0) Soldier (x2.5) Insanity (x5.0) Impossible (x10.0)
Extreme: Impossible (x25.0) Horror (x50.0) Death (x75) Instant Death (x100)

Installation: Chose which package you want and copy the file "difficultyopt" into your Override Folder and the new options will show up the next time you open the game.

Compatibility: Compatible with all mods that don't add or edit the difficulty options file.

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