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KotOR 1 Player Height

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Hey everybody,

As you might already know, there are 3 different heights in KotOR 1, Soldier being the tallest (literally being able to look down upon Calo Nord) and Scoundrel being the shortest (requiring everyone in the galaxy, except Mission, to look down just to see you), while Scout is tall enough for a direct eye contact most of the time.

There is a mod, "K1 Player Character Height Adjustment" (, that makes you as tall as Soldier regardless of the class but ONLY while wearing armors and Jedi robes.
Problem is, I'd like to play through the game as a Scoundrel with the default clothing, which is a red jacket for the class, but because it doesn't qualify as armor (or a Jedi robe) like the mod requires, so you can't have a tall Scoundrel.

So, I really would appreciate if a mod that makes Scoundrel as tall as Soldier could be made.

Even if such a thing isn't possible, I thank and appreciate you all for at least taking your time to read this.
Have a great day and a great life.

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