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[K2] Some of my companions can't die

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I was hoping someone could help me out with a bug. I think this is one of those bugs that can be worked around with some KSE tweaking but I have no idea which of the variables could help me out.

The problem is that for some reason Atton, Bao-Dur and T3 can't die. Their vitality goes down to zero but they keep fighting like nothing happened. I suspect that it might be related to a glitch I had during the vision in hidden tomb on Korriban in which they challenge Kreia. I had to restart it several times before the game acknowledged that I finished that vision and let me proceed to the next room. The fact that this quest stayed unresolved in my journal also hints that this might be the case so what I did was download someone elses save on these forums and changed all of my 7**KOR_* numeric globals to reflect theirs but it didn't help so maybe it's unrelated after all?

I'm playing with TSLRCM and Lonna Vash mod, however I have no evidence that these mods are responsible for this bug so I'll just leave it here in general section.

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