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I am trying to change the durations of Powers and there is a Mod that already does that but not to the duration I would like it to be.

It comes with 2 files. k_sp1_generic.ncs and k_inc_force.nss

k_inc_force.nss has the durations in it and I have been able to change their values however it has not altered the durations in game.

What else needs to be done to make this work?


I think i need to recompile the k_sp1_generic.ncc however everytime i try i get:

"Error: couldn't initialize the nwnstdloader"

Edit 3: stopped that error but now can't find the compiled .ncs

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  1. k_inc_force is an include file. Include files don't get compiled on their own because they have no main() or StartingConditional() function, but they get included in other files that do (in this case k_sp1_generic). So you do need to edit k_inc_force, but it's k_sp1_generic that you need to compile, with the edited include script present.
  2. It sounds like something is wrong with your compiler. I would recommend using NWNSSComp instead, which may be found here.

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