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Assistance with a Mod Fix Bug

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Hello everyone.

So I started a small fix to an old mod; Kazeite's Light-Dark Bastila Robes mod with the original creator's permission. I edited several files in KOTOR to make the Sith robes from the mod stay with Bastila after you face her (or join her) on the Rakatan Temple. I modified the files p_Bastila004.utc-P-Bastila006.utc, sta_Bastila.utc, sta_Bastila001.utc, and unk44_evilbast.utc with KOTOR Tool so that Bastila's Sith robes are equipped on her after you meet her. Before this, Bastila would change back to the black, Dark Jedi, robes if you decide to join her.

I have fixed a few bugs but one still eludes me. It is a minor bug where your character changes back to their default clothing from the beginning of the game when loading a save after you meet Bastila or once you reenter the temple. I can't quite figure it out so I thought to ask all of you. Attached to this post are the files I mentioned and my current draft of the readme.

Light-Dark Bastila Robe

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