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I'm searching for the GUI file regarding HUD selection of NPCs/ enemies. (see pic, the red/blue health bar & Name of NPC) Healthbars graphics are enemy_bar.tga/ enemy_bar.tga but I wanted to change the geometry of these elements 😕

Thx & Kind regards



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I know it's a little late but I believe the gui files you are looking for begin with "mipc2". There is a version for each supported resolution. There are similarly named files inside the GUI.bif archive, but I believe they are old unused versions of the UI.

KotOR 1 - GUI.bif:

  • mipc210x7.gui
  • mipc212x9.gui
  • mipc216x12.gui
  • mipc28x6.gui

KotOR 2 - GUI.bif:

  • mipc210x7_p.gui
  • mipc212x9_p.gui
  • mipc216x12_p.gui
  • mipc28x6_p.gui


Hope this helps!

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