Beancounter's mixed w/ Improved A.I. mod help.

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Before we start, yes I am aware that this topic has been talked about in a separate thread here on this forum . The reason I am even making this topic is because I'm still confused on what exactly to do to combine both of these mods to work properly together. My initial thought process was to uncomment the // next to #include "Hardcore_Mod" as shown below.

// ST: Uncommenting the line below would include beancounters hardcore mod in the AI.
//     Note that the code at line 158 needs to be uncommented as well,
//     the HCMod source placed in this folder and the scripts recompiled.
// #include "Hardcore_Mod"


The next step in my thought process was to delete /* and  */  from line 158 and line 161 to enable the text between them at least that's what I told it would do as shown below. But I still don't know what recompile means and in the topic linked above Qui-Gon glenn says " k_ai_master needs to be recompiled drawing from beancounter's version."

// ST: This would add beancounters hardcore mod to the Creature AI, if uncommented and recompiled:
			if (!GetPlayerRestrictMode() && !GetFeatAcquired(FEAT_IMPLANT_LEVEL_1))


After which I took the k_ai_master file from the insane difficulty folder within Beancounter's HC mod, renamed it Hardcore_Mod, and dropped it into the TSLPATCHDATA folder where the k_ai_master file is located within the Improved AI mod. I then proceeded to boot up the game and test it out on a fight and got the same results that i had before doing all of this.

I am new to using mods and don't know jack about modding or scripting/coding idk what the proper term would be but I would appreciate any help. I want to play this game but it's much too easy and it seems combining these two mods would make the ai in this game a lot less predictable and hopefully more of a challenge by doing this. I could just use beancounter's mod by dropping it into the override folder but from my understanding of this it overwrites the improved ai k_ai_master file which enables the ai to be more intelligent of a sense. Any help here would be appreciated.

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