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Sith Holocron

Selling Mods?

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I thought with the removal of Xarwarz form the site that this had been covered but what's the Staff opinion on this?  A story in three pictures...

1. Review of the rule.  (Emphasis added.)


2. Link to the Patreon listed on his mod.


3. The actual Patreon page with the proverbial "extended hat"


Note the tiers start at $1 a month.  They go up to $100 a month.

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I always took the selling rule as being something like where the mod would be unavailable unless if you paid a fee to access it. This isn't the case, as it seems like the only difference is the rate in which he releases material. The issue I have with this is where the money is going to. Obviously it's not going to any modding tools because they are free to use. Also we only have the ability to enforce KotOR, not any of the other games above listed on his Patreon.

Even if the only thing being sold is "becoming a Patron," linking his Patreon to his mod is technically an advertisement.

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