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Kotor xbox .rim and .mod files question/help

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HI all, I have really been frustrating myself lately trying to figure out why .rim and .mod files will not work on xbox at all from pc mods. Usually whenever I add a new area everything is black all around and you are stuck in place once the area loads and cannot move. If this issue can get sorted then there will be nothing left to fix! I am wondering if someone might be able to help me here or lend some expertise as I am at a loss. Most likely it is something simple or overlooked. I hope. :P 

I'll start here to see if someone might be able to help me break this down. It is really odd and I will use K1r as an example:

Using K1R, the Black Vulkar K1R module works perfectly on Xbox, ( I am assuming because its in the Xbox game already, just cut) but the ability to visit the swoop platform is a newly added area and every time I try to load it you are stuck in place and cannot move, but you can see people standing around. You cannot leave, but you can see a door ahead. SO it will load, and you can even see some objects, but it's mostly black and you cannot move, or leave.

 The xbox IS finding the mod file, it just won't display it correctly. Can anyone think of anything that I might can look for? For the most part, the xbox only has .rim files for it's levels, but isn't .mod =. rim pretty much? The other .mod files with K1r work, but they are replacing other files of the same name.

Just to be clear, this is NOT a K1R help topic. It just so happens the particular file I am talking about is coming from K1R. :) This is the last stop to having full fledge mods going on xbox. With bead-v's tool, mdl.mdx files now work on xbox! I've tested it and it works flawlessly! No more freezing!

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