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Old man Jolee

Need help with "Recent History: M4-78" quest

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I played KOTOR 2 with TSLRCM and this mod a few times yet there is still one quest in it that I don't know how to complete properly. That being the "Recent History: M4-78" quest.

The text entry in quest log says that I should investigate about the fight near the Environmental Zone entrance. I eventually got there and found a few Sith corpses and a droid who told me some info about the fight (I used all available dialogue options). Then I checked the Environmental Zone and talked to everybody there including ES-05, Kaah (who downright told me that he and Vash killed those Sith) and other droids. However all of that didn't give me any progress with the "Recent History: M4-78" quest.

I talked twice to all droids in all areas (including the Archonts) yet it didn't help me at all. The quest itself just ends once I enter the M4-78 Core chamber and it's entry says that I "failed to figure out what happened".
I completed all other side quests on M4-78 yet I'm clueless on how to properly complete this one.

I would be grateful for any advice or guide on how to complete this quest.


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