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Hi all 

I probably didn't quite introduce myself into the community for those who don't know who I am 

I am Colby I perfer to be called by and I am a huge fan of Star Wars Legends and Canon universes, I also love whatever the Star Wars History tells itself, a lot have been wondering or wishing to know who I am but I am new I can assure you and I am 22 years old as I probably didn't say since I mentioned in the Recruitment Dak Benkins mod page I think it's time for a real introduction to all. 

I live in New Zealand that's all the details I can say. 


Okay now since I am new to this community I am here as a guy who will suggest new ideas for the future but remember that I am only suggesting ideas that come in handy for future mods and I am not a modder but I do suggest new ideas, like my idea for a Recruitable Soldier on Endar Spire to join Juhani's place his name will be Dak Benkins, Dak Benkins is a characater I made up if KOTOR was declared as Canon then the storyline be different then Legends on Endar Spire because I felt it be cool to tell one of him, I also plan if you all know to voice as him but about a lot of dailouge scripts have to be written in return and I have to be privately messaged about it someday. 

Why am I here 

Well like I said to suggest new ideas now I will suggest only few recruitable mods for KOTOR I and KOTOR II TSL and anything non-recruitable but as characters could be talked to or such I have plans like I mentioned for new characters I already mentioned Dak Benkins, I am to create new characters including TSF Sergeant Caleb Deming, TSF Corporal Mako Bunsen, TSF Officer Sogan Mithleev, TSF Female Officer Tisha Kynnie, TSF Officer Dash Serat, TSF Female Officer Kili Klensen, TSF Officer Vangos Gelfla, and also Lieutenant Yima, Lieutenant Atallo, TSF Officer Batu Rem (real one in person), and several others planned in the making, not only will I suggest several characters, but I will also suggest new PC heads for players like a Pantoran, or a Pao head Drabatan, or Zeltron and others etc of other Star Wars species we never seen in game, I also have plans if a recruitable Zeltron can be included as a Lost Jedi in TSL but he will be thaught upon as I mentioned I had Deming's head based on Vadim Glowna from Cross of Iron whom played Schutze (Private) Kern, and also Bunsen's face is based off Larry Wilcox from CHiPs, Mithleev is based on Jeremy Wilkin from Thunderbirds the voice actor for Virgil Tracy and the actor of UFO series, Bunsen's girlfriend Kynnie is based two references from Aliens Colonial Marines co-op player character Jennifer Redding, and second only from Anime Pokemon series character May, I am also looking at basing a TSF Officer of O. J. Simpson, I also might find a head for basis for our villian Atallo, and I might look at basing a head off Richard Harris as well or some classic characters from films,

Just to let you know I am no threat to the community I am a nice bloke whom has respect over a number of people I also love every mod but since I don't yet have KOTOR on pc I do plan to in future get it so I can try mods out oneday if I have operating system on my Windows 10 Laptop, 

You probably might find it odd of me being here but I will try my best to suggest new things and be much careful what I suggest I will not be making over 100 recruitable characters it would drive everyone insane so as promised I can only allow two or three or four are only allowed as pre-limit cuz it would not be okay that would drive a lot of people insane so I want to be honest and respectful to everyone and I will be as promised. 

Sure it's good to suggest requests but not okay to do too much overdoing recruitable is too much for me at times so to get away from that I do suggest PC heads new things I have in planned and I have spoken with N-DReW25 he also gave me some advise on what to do with Dak Benkins so I don't have the same hairstyle as the Telos Soldier Head as it is a generic head used over a thousand times in other KOTOR games, in order to look close I had to have a new hairstyle basis from a real life one as he given me the suggestion into it. 

I hope I can get along and I hope I can be here to suggest somethings. 


Colby. :)


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