The Clone Wars - Rezzy's Chronological Episode Guide

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"You fought in the Clone Wars?"

"I was once a Jedi Knight, the same as your father."

"You knew my father? What was he like?"

"He was the best star pilot in the galaxy, and a cunning warrior..."


Star Wars

The Clone Wars


Rezzy's Chronological Episode Guide




We know that The Clone Wars (3D) animated TV series came after the prequel movies and was based on their content, but did you know that The Clone Wars can actually stand on its own without any need for the prequels' story -- in fact, in many ways it even works much better that way?


That's right, you can watch the original trilogy, then dive straight into The Clone Wars without ever needing to see the prequel films. You can choose to forget them entirely (if you wish to).


The following guide is a curation of The Clone Wars episodes into a comprehensive (and no-nonsense) story on the historic events and battles of the Clone Wars (matching official sources), telling of Anakin Skywalker's life as a Jedi Knight, and eventual fallout with the Jedi Council at the time of the crumbling of the Jedi Order.


It's a marathon of an epic, detailing the heroic times of the noble and brave Jedi Knights, who fought to preserve peace and justice in the galaxy, and exploring the vast world of the Star Wars galaxy. Let's dig in, the Clone Wars await!


Note: It is recommended that you watch A New Hope before getting started on this lengthy saga, as the first episode makes direct references to it (or vice versa).


The Chronology:


Cat and Mouse (2,16)

The Hidden Enemy (1,16)

Clone Cadets (3,01)

Supply Lines (3,03)

Ambush (1,01)

Rising Malevolence (1,02)

Shadow of Malevolence (1,03)

Destroy Malevolence (1,04)

Rookies (1,05)

Bombad Jedi (1,08)

Cloak of Darkness (1,09)

Lair of Grievous (1,10)

Jedi Crash (1,13)

Defenders of Peace (1,14)

Trespass (1,15)

Blue Shadow Virus (1,17)

Mystery of a Thousand Moons (1,18)

Storm Over Ryloth (1,19)

Innocents of Ryloth (1,20)

Liberty on Ryloth (1,21)

Holocron Heist (2,01)

Cargo of Doom (2,02)

Children of the Force (2,03)

Bounty Hunters (2,17)

Landing at Point Rain (2,05)

Weapons Factory (2,06)

Legacy of Terror (2,07)

Brain Invaders (2,08)

Grievous Intrigue (2,09)

The Deserter (2,10)

Lightsaber Lost (2,11)

The Mandalore Plot (2,12)

Voyage of Temptation (2,13)

Duchess of Mandalore (2,14)

Death Trap (2,20)

R2 Come Home (2,21)

Lethal Trackdown (2,22)

Corruption (3,05)

The Academy (3,06)

Assassin (3,07)

ARC Troopers (3,02)

Sphere of Influence (3,04)

Heroes on Both Sides (3,10)

Pursuit of Peace (3,11)

Senate Murders (2,15)

Nightsisters (3,12)

Monster (3,13)

Witches of the Mist (3,14)

The Citadel (3,18)

Counterattack (3,19)

Citadel Rescue (3,20)

Padawan Lost (3,21)

Wookiee Hunt (3,22)

Water War (4,01)

Gungan Attack (4,02)

Prisoners (4,03)

Shadow Warrior (4,04)

Mercy Mission (4,05)

Darkness on Umbara (4,07)

The General (4,08)

Plan of Dissent (4,09)

Carnage of Krell (4,10)

Kidnapped (4,11)

Slaves of the Republic (4,12)

Escape from Kadavo (4,13)

A Friend in Need (4,14)

Deception (4,15)

Friends and Enemies (4,16)

The Box (4,17)

Crisis on Naboo (4,18)

Massacre (4,19)

Bounty (4,20)

Brothers (4,21)

Revenge (4,22)

A War on Two Fronts (5,02)

Front Runners (5,03)

The Soft War (5,04)

Tipping Points (5,05)

The Gathering (5,06)

A Test of Strength (5,07)

Bound for Rescue (5,08)

A Necessary Bond (5,09)

Revival (5,01)

Eminence (5,14)

Shades of Reason (5,15)

The Lawless (5,16)

Sabotage (5,17)

The Jedi Who Knew Too Much (5,18)

To Catch a Jedi (5,19)

The Wrong Jedi (5,20)

Condition Unknown (6,01)

Conspiracy (6,02)

Fugitive (6,03)

Orders (6,04)


Additional Notes:


Because production of the episodes was not done in chronological order, some episodes feature chronologically later happening illustrative footage in their intro/briefing sequence. This may become apparent once you've watched the entire series at least once, and you are familiar with the sequence of events.


The Downside:


This being an animated series, the comedy is a little bit more light-hearted (childish) than in the movies, and actions/movements, as well as all visual features are stylised, but you will quickly learn to 'translate' them into a depiction of real life visuals and movements as you progress through the series -- because the style is representational of real life features and consistent. These things go hand-in-hand with the nature of the medium.


We never get to actually see Anakin fall to the Dark Side, but the hints are strong enough to let us fill in the details between the end of The Clone Wars and events of A New Hope. We don't necessarily need everything explained, do we? Some things can just be left up to imagination -- and tend to work better that way.


The moment old Obi-Wan says "Droid? Don't seem to recall ever owning a droid," (and the fact that he doesn't recognise R2) is still a bit awkward in A New Hope after watching The Clone Wars, but it can be attributed to Obi-Wan never having much fondness for droids, and to the extremely long time passing since he's last seen R2D2 (many other droids have come and gone since) leading to him not connecting the dots straight away.


We never find out what happened to Ahsoka after her departure. Her later life is left open to (fan fiction and) interpretation.


What You Don't Need to See:


The Clone Wars feature film, and any episode not listed here. Treat them as goofy bonus content, fun to watch, and not a part of the main series.


The prequel or sequel trilogy of films. I sincerely recommend you avoid them entirely.


The truly light-hearted, kids' TV show called Rebels.


Download (Printable Version):

The Clone Wars Guide.pdf

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