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MOD:Sith Tracker Trio Funny Dialogue

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Sith Tracker Trio Funny Dialogue

Warning: This is a joke mod; if breaking immersion/suspense of disbelief even the slightest bit isn't your thing, this mod is not for you.

This mod was requested by Sith Holocron (request thread). If you replay the game a lot and find the "Lord Malak was most displeased..." guys comical, this mod will add to that and allow you to make fun of them, freshening up the experience. The third time you meet them you will have 6 new dialogue options to say to them. They all have fully voiced responses. You can meet them at Tatooine (Anchorhead), Kashyyyk (The Great Walkway) and Manaan (instead of 3 Dark Jedi, there is a Dark Jedi Master and 2 Selkath apprentices at the Sith base, but he says the same line so...). 

There are some peaceful outcomes where you can talk the Sith into leaving you alone. However, some responses will only aggravate them, and they will still attack you. HK-47 will also mock them if he is in your party at the time. 

Note: The sixth dialogue option will only be available after you complete the Leviathan. It is the only serious dialogue option. 

This mod should be compatible with anything that doesn't change the Dark Jedi trio's dialogue (tat17_darkjedi01.dlg) or the Sith Master's dialogue on Manaan (man27_sithmas.dlg).

Simply run TSLPatcher.exe and select your main game folder (swkotor). 

Removing tat17_darkjedi01.dlg and man27_sithmas.dlg from your Override folder would suffice, but if you want to completely cleanse your game's directory of this mod, leaving no trace behind, then you will have to remove disadd.ncs, displeased3.ncs, k_ptat_isrevan_y.ncs, triofade.ncs, triofadem.ncs from your Override folder and all the SithTrackers0xx.wav files + HKmostdispleased.wav from your streamwaves folder, as well as replace your globalcat.2da with the backup that was generated. But honestly none of that is necessary, unless you want to clean up your mod files.

Bioware (KotOR)
Fred Tetra (KotOR Tool)
Sith Holocron(the original idea)
UnusualCharacters (voice acting)
Merkuri22 (joke ideas on the reddit post)
Stoffe (TSL patcher)

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