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A Day Late

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Did not notice there's an introductions section here, how unrespectful of me :ouch:




My name's ebmar, you can call me eb. I'm new on forum thing, could say the year before 2018 I don't know what a mod is. Earlier this year I stumbled to KotOR, have known this game about late 2000's but never interest me to play it. And then I did the first ever playthrough of KotOR about early March this year. Play vanilla the first time, and then I saw something about "KotOR mod" and elses; I decided to give it a go to play KotOR with mods installed.


Short story short- this game is amazing, especially with mods installed; as we can shape the game how we wanted it to be. Thank you to all modders either from this forum and/or the others, for making it possible for me- for us; gamers to experience the greatness of this masterpiece.


I'm looking to participate on some modding to, but as for now my skill is limited only to editing .tga's, bit of audio editing I could do and/or basic video editing- I'm enjoying myself here on this forum.


That's all, thank's lad! May the Force with you all :cheers:




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