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Problems With Feats And Force Powers During Level-Ups

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I am having a huge problem with Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic. I understand that you can edit the featgain.2da and classpowergain.2da files to edit how many feats and force powers you gain at each level-up.

However the problem for me is that whenever I try to use the recommend button to get a suggestion of which to go with the game freezes and crashes. That is not a large problem as I can easily get around it by just selecting the desired for powers myself.

The main problem that I have is this. Say I have 10 feats to select but there are only 5 left available. When I have selected those 5 and try to move on the game tells me to select five more and will not let me proceed until I have selected all 10. But I cannot do that when there are no more feats available. That means I cannot go any further in the game.

The same thing happens when I try to select force powers. I cannot fix this problem myself no matter how many times I edit the featgain.2da and classpowergain.2da files as my other party members automatically have specific feats and/or force powers when they join my party.

Therefore there is no way that I can set the .2da files to grant exactly all the feats and force powers at the level 20 level-up because what will work for one party member including myself will not work for them all.

I used to not have this problem. When I had selected all the feats and/or force powers I would be able to proceed to the next step of the level-up even if I had more numbers to select. I want to be able to do this again so I can actually play the entire game. I have tried everything to get it work now, such as reinstalling the game: changing the compatibility settings, everything and I have had absolutely no success.

I ask anyone who can help me with this to please do so as soon as possible. Please help me with both problems including a way to make the recommend button again as well as let me move on no matter what once all feats and/or force powers have been selected.

In case the issue may come from any of the .2da files that I use in my override folder I have attached them below. If you find a problem with them please let me know right away. Thank you in advance.


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