Download:TSL Thigh-High Boots For Female Twi'lek Body (Modder's Resource)

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File Name: TSL Thigh-High Boots For Female Twi'lek Body (Modder's Resource)

File Submitter: DarthParametric

File Submitted: 19 May 2017

File Category: Modder's Resources




Here's another bit of scrap from my junk pile that someone may find a use for. A little while back I made some thigh-high boots for Bastila when Quanon was working on her Taris prisoner outfit:




He didn't end up using them, so I tossed them into the abyss with my other rejects. The other day I was looking at the female Twi'lek body models for some reason, and I noticed that (the base version at least) has painted on thigh-high boots. On a whim, I imported my boot mesh and noted that, height-wise, they lined up almost perfectly. Even more interestingly, my UVs were very close in layout to the Twi'lek's legs, so much so that is was fairly trivial to rejig them to fit the existing textures. In practice I'm not sure how much purpose this serves, as from a distance it's basically impossible to tell the difference between painted on boots and my physically modelled boots, at least using vanilla textures, but I figured someone might find some use for it.


Because the vanilla female Twi'lek model has existing animations (dancing), I have provided a hex edited copy of the original which is now used as the supermodel. That way the booted variant is a simple Override drop-in with no 2DA editing required. Also included is a booted version of the Twi'lek assassin body. Additionally, I have also provided a version suitable for use as a player body that uses the regular S_Female03 supermodel.


I've supplied modified versions for those variation textures that don't have existing boot textures. There is also an optional variant of the base green variation which has black boots instead of red. The intent of course, given how terrible the vanilla textures are, is that someone will release a proper high quality retextured version, but the NPC portion is useable out of the box if people so desire.


As a side note for anyone using this directly rather than as a modder's resource, I would highly recommend the use of the optional alternate texture from RedRob41's Luxa Hair Fix mod. What can I say? I like hotpants. Only use the texture, mind, not the meshes.


TSL_Twilek_Thigh-High_Boots_01_TH.jpg TSL_Twilek_Thigh-High_Boots_02_TH.jpg


TSL_Twilek_Thigh-High_Boots_03_TH.jpg TSL_Twilek_Thigh-High_Boots_04_TH.jpg


Click here to download this file

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