"KotOR Remastered" - A Heavily Modded KotOR Build

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58 minutes ago, showstealer said:

Hi there, I am very inexperienced when it comes to modding. How do I install these files? Do I just drag them into override? For example, the KotOR overall update mod downloaded as "K1R_1.2 (1).7z". Is ".7z" a real extension? If I change it to ".zip", nothing happens. Would appreciate all the help!

1) .7z is a real extension.  Changing the extension will not help you.  You need to keep it as it is and then use the program 7zip to open it.

2) The mod build in this thread is severely out of date and the original poster will likely never return to read your post.  Use the Reddit mod builds to have the best foundation for your games.  That build is periodically revised so it stays current. The KotOR Reddit community can help you walk through the process.

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