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Here below are the collected press coverage and reviews of TSLRCM on major websites. Listed in chronological order.

Hooked Gamers - October 20, 2009
KOTOR 2 RESTORATION PROJECT: When gamers set out to complete what a developer started you know you're in for a treat. Lord of Hunger sits down with us to talk about the recently completed Knights of the Old Republic 2 Restored Content Mod.


VentureBeat - July 1, 2010
The KOTOR 2 Restoration: Why You Should Still Care


GameInformer - July 12, 2012
The Best Mods for Knights of the Old Republic

PCGamer - July 25, 2012
Community heroes: modders debug and restore cut content in Knights of the Old Republic II

Escapist Magazine - July 26, 2012
Modders Restore Knights of the Old Republic II Content

Rock Paper Shotgun - July 27, 2012
Grey Skies Are Gonna Kreia Up: KOTOR 2 Is Done - July 31, 2012
Chris Avellone: Knights of the Old Republic 2 restoration team "should be given a lot of kudos"

Prima Games - July 31, 2012
Chris Avellone Dishes Out Respect to KOTOR2 Restoration Crew

Rock Paper Shotgun - August 24, 2012
Get These: KOTOR 2 And Its Restored Content Mod

Forbes - October 10, 2012
13 Classic Games Made Awesome with Mods, part 2
GameRant - sometime in 2012
Massive Content-Expanding ‘KOTOR 2’ Mod Finished


Kotaku - May 30, 2014
Why Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 Is Better Than The Original


PC Gamer - July 21, 2015
Knights of the Old Republic II gets controller support and more

Ars Technica - July 21, 2015
Star Wars: KOTOR 2’s first patch in 10 years adds Linux, OS X, 5K, Steam mods

Kotaku - July 21, 2015
Ten Years Later, Star Wars KOTOR II Gets An Official Update

GameInformer - July 25, 2015
Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic II Is Out On Mac And Linux With Some Fantastic Updates
Game Banshee - July 29, 2015
How Fans Fleshed Out KOTOR II and Why It's Worth Revisiting
IGN - August 5, 2015
The Star Wars Game That Fans Saved - IGN Plays (Video)

Paste - September 18, 2015
Modding the Sith Lords: How Fans Salvaged KOTOR 2

Den of Geek! - April 21, 2016
Star Wars: How Knights of the Old Republic II Became Gaming's Great Unfinished Symphony
A.V. Club: Gameological - April 27, 2016
In games, you can’t—and shouldn’t—win them all


PC Gamer - Issue 287 (January 2017 Issue)
Article: Make Your Old Games New Again


Did I miss any? PM me with a link.

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OutsideXbox - May 12th, 2022

OutsideXbox's video: 7 Times Fans Had to Fix the Game

There are more than a few errors in the video for the TSLRCM section of the video.  Feel free to let them know what they are in their video's comments!

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