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Squall's Gunblade

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File Name: Squall's Gunblade

File Submitter: inyriforge

File Submitted: 07 Aug 2015

File Category: Mods

TSLRCM Compatible: Yes



Original Review on Filefront:


"This is Squall's gunblade from FF: VIII. From what I remember about it, it's pretty accurate to what I remember from the game, though I haven't played it in a couple years so that might not mean much. The texture is pretty well done, and I think it looks better since instead of just photosourcing, Inyri did the engravings on the blade by hand. I appreciate a lot since every time I attempt something like that by hand, bad things tend to happen. There's also a shader that gives it a metal shine.


The only real problem I have with this model is that due to the shape of the hilt, sometimes the wielder's hand clips into the hilt as the animations don't take too kindly to it. But since it's usually not that noticable and there's nothing that can really be done at this point (nor would it really be practical to do anything when we can anyway) it really doesn't matter too much. Other than that, I think it's perfect! It works for both KotOR games.






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