Name your favorite game that isn't Star Wars!

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This is absolutely Minecraft! There doesn't appear to be anyone who hasn't played Minecraft at least once, in my opinion. Both a free and a paid version of this game are available. I recall that for the first two years, I mostly used my phone to play the pirated version. Minecraft PE was the name of the game at the time. The difference between the free and licensed versions is almost non-existent. Minecraft is a game with a lot of different aspects. You can play alone or with a pal and accomplish everything there. Particularly if you play on good servers like mine: I recommend that everyone reminisces about the good old days and pick up this fantastic game once more.

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One of my all-time non-Star Wars faves has to be The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It's just pure adventure magic!

By the way, have any of you ventured into the realm of best paying games? I've been on the lookout for some hidden treasures that not only entertain but also come with a sweet reward. Share your picks or let's dive into this new gaming frontier together!

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As I am a bit older and more wizened, I am updating my list.

Bioshock Infinite


Dark Souls series

Dragon Age Origins

Dragon's Dogma

Elden Ring

Fallout 3

Fallout New Vegas

Hollow Knight

Mass Effect trilogy



Witcher 3

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