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Hi there padawans and jedi masters

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Hello everybody!

I guess this is the right place to introduce myself.I'm glad to find this community after 10 years of kotor.

Star wars games are almost an historical family habit :) I played with my husband and now we play with our son.

It's amazing to find people like you still enjoying games like kotor today and projects like tslrcm or m4-78,wow.


I used to mod games to fit them to my preferences or way of playing (well,my hub does the hardwork,lol) ,but i'm able to do my own mods and it's nice to share the ideas and finished work  here.


I wanted to say hello and i hope to see you all here and to have a little help by the masters for making my private mods something to share for the community.









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What sort of mods do you tend work on, Shivaan?


text/code/script editing 


gameplay-balance mods for both KotOR games.

My hub made a nice mod for JKA years ago,but i can't talk too much about it.


My last mod is for TSL and I was working on it for a long time. I had to update some work recently, for the last TSLRCM.


I've made a "grey jedi" or "neutral mod" . It disables alignment restrictions to the storyline, like getting prestige class, recruiting Visas Marr or entering the Korriban tomb. Mostly based on player experience level, avoiding alignment. I modified the power penalties for neutral player and powered a couple of "grey jedi" items.


I hate the "cheat things" so I'm always "playing fair" with my mods.


I'm able to modify existing work too,like Coruscant Jedi temple,where i removed/changed lots of the armory items to be honest on my playthrough.


I hope I answered your question  :handy:


Thanks a lot for your interest.

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Su cuy'gar on behalf of the Mandalorian Empire; also, I'm glad I'm not the only one who prefers going Grey Jedi - Jolee and Qui-Gonn are pretty much grey, so why shouldn't Revan or the Exile follow the same path?

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