Download:Protocol Droids by Vurt

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File Name: Protocol Droids by Vurt

File Submitter: vurt

File Submitted: 07 Jul 2012

File Category: Skins

TSLRCM Compatible: No



You've see this collection elsewhere. So why download this version, you might ask?


An extra droid.


B-4D4 is the gold colored Czerka droid that's hacked into so you can access the mainframe, if you recall. After νυrτ made his first Protocol Droids collection, I asked if he could do a version B-4D4 and he graciously agreed to do so. When I inquired about getting permission to upload his mods to Deadly Stream, I also asked for permission to upload this one as well. He was kind enough to grant permission to do so. Enjoy the fruits of my pestering and νυrτ's labor.


Installation: Place the TGA files in the KOTOR2 override folder


Uninstall: Take the aforementioned files out of the aforementioned folder.



Click here to download this file

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