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Steam blurry lighting fix

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I was hoping someone could come out with a fix or give some advice about this problem that won't stop bothering me


OLD not steam KOTOR 2 with no problem


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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, DarthParametric said:

Switch from Aspyr's broken update of the game back to the original unmolested version by choosing Legacy PC in the beta drop-down:


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Thank you the replay however I already did that a long time ago and it never worked I thought It may have been my PC so I installed the game on 4 others and it's all that same , do you know of any other fix ?

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The legacy PC version is identical to the original CD version, aside from DRM. Here are some shots from the GOG version (which again is the same). There is a bit of haloing around the workbench light strip and the saber blades that is more apparent when moving in-game. It could be that Obsidian changed something with the render setup and it simply wasn't captured in whatever that old picture is in your first post. Posting a pic from the dark interior of the Hawk and comparing it to a brightly lit interior is also not exactly an apples to apples comparison.






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Here is a picture I took today the Steam legacy version


and here is one of the cd rom I took today


When ever I play i notice its not identical to the original CD version and as far as your pictures go for I assume is the steam legacy version I can see that the lights such as the ones at the wall do not have the burry effect that my game does how does it look when you see hk-47 could I see a picture please ?

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