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Looking for a particular save for BOS:SR

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I know this a long shot but I have to ask . . .

I am looking for a BOS:SR save that'll help me take some particular "before and after" screenshots for an upcoming BOS upscale project. The area has Shadow and Solomon doing a loop of fighting near a cliff edge. I think it might be on Korriban. You may recall the scene as one of the pre-rendered movies for the mod. If you don't have your character go too close to them, they'll fight forever IIRC.

If you have a save near that area before the loop is broken, that would be awesome. And of course,  you will be credited.

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Thanks to @Allronix, I acquired a bunch of saves.  One of those saves enabled me to get to both the area and the particular cut-scene I was looking for. In case you're curious, here's the save.  It's practically the very end of BOS:SR so obviously there's spoilers here.  (It should go without saying that you'd need BOS:SR installed for this which isn't compatible with the Kotor Community Portal build - or frankly not a lot of other large content mods.


000401 - Game400.7z

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