RESOURCE:Fat Commoner Body Models - Modder's Resource

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Fat Commoner Body Models - Modder's Resource

This is a modder’s resource that provides some additional commoner body models that can be used for NPCs. The game includes body models for fat male and female commoners, each using a custom texture with no variants. They are unused. Originally, as part of the K1 Community Patch, a fat-ified version of the standard male commoner body was made to be used for Handon on Dantooine. This allowed it to use the regular commoner textures. As of K1CP v1.10.0, this addition has been removed, so the assets are now being made available for third party mods to make use of. Additionally, the vanilla female fat commoner model has had some adjustments made to its UVs so that it can also make use of the regular commoner texture variants.

A simple TSLPatcher setup has been provided that edits the two vanilla appearance rows to switch their texture assignments, as well as adding new rows using all the regular NPC heads. Note to regular users: Installing this package by itself will do nothing as the game does not make use of the vanilla fat commoner appearance rows. It requires other authors to create content utilising it.


This is a modder’s resource, and thus intended to be utilised by the community. You can freely incorporate the included assets in your mod. Simply provide credit to the Community Patch team and link back to this page. Do not redistribute/rehost this resource as-is elsewhere.


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