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SKIN:HD Luxa a Dark Hope texture recolor

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HD Luxa a Dark Hope texture recolor

So I was looking through TSL's head textures, and noticed that Luxa's head texture was nothing more than one of the female player Asian heads from K1 recolored to look pink. Likewise, her clothes were nothing more than a standard twi'lek body also recolored to pink. Well, it turns out Dark Hope had made excellent HD textures for both those things: here and here. It was fairly easy then to recolor them to match Luxa's colors. After checking with Dark Hope first, I am releasing them here.

I've included both versions of the twi'lek textures Dark Hope has released. I personally like to use one for the dancers and one for Luxa to keep them feeling more distinct. Simply chose the version you want and drag it over to your TSL's Override install directory.


To install simply drag and drop the contents of this mod into your TSL's installation override directory.


Small Warning: Luxa's model appears to use the Twilek's .txi file rather than her own. For that reason, using the 2023 version may cause a small conflict if you happen to have any other twilek texture mod installed. If you are using Dark Hope's twilek textures, there should be no issue and both files will be identical.



Thanks to Dark Hope for giving me permission to release this. At this point I'm sure I'm pretty much using all of the mods Dark Hope has released in this site in one way or an other.  Make sure to check them out!

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