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  1. It's been literally years since I poked around this forum, so excuse my lack of knowledge of formalities. I'll be short and sweet describing the problem: After having completed nar shadaa on TSLRCM 1.8.4, I decided to go to Dantooine, the *obvious next choice.* Thing is, it always redirects me to the telos academy. When I go to Korriban, the issue does not occur, but if I go to Telos from Nar Shadaa instead, it directs me again to the academy. Furthermore, the academy is exactly like the post Atris talk pre-leaving telos academy, except I can't get into the Ebon Hawk at all. I stand at the ready to provide further info, Thanks again!
  2. If you could clarify what you mean by "downgrade" that would be great, because the mod still would not allow the game to start even on the lowest graphical settings.
  3. Currently I have just the standard recommended patches (1.0b) from the star wars website, and this was the only mod I was legitimately considering. I'm also going through a vanilla run through at the moment, so my game is as basic as it gets.
  4. Hey, I set up an account here because this seems to be *the* place to go about anything KotOR, especially concerning TSLRCM. My question is derived from this problem: I downloaded TSLRCM v1.7 and started KotORII via the new launcher as described, but upon starting the game it freezes right before the first in-game cutscene (after the first "Star Wars" roll, right at the Prologue beginning). I read that my graphics card might have some part in this, but I'm not entirely sure. My laptop's specs run as follows: Intel Core i5-2430M CPU @ 2.4GHz RAM: 4.00 GB 64 - bit Operation System Any help would be pretty awesome