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  1. Right. Whenever I get into a space battle, I get choppy and stuttering mouse movement. Generally, hitting anything is a test of my patience. I just installed the latest version, after not having played for a year or so. Back then I had 1.1, but not that problem, though. Is that a 1.2 thing?
  2. I've seen that as well a couple of times, but since you could just kill them, I didn't really think much of it.
  3. When killing the female receptionist in the Exchange office on Citadel Station, Atton says "He had it coming".
  4. Well, you know what they say. The Force can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.
  5. ANNNNNNNDDDDDD....... DONE! Completed one entire game with my Light sided Exile. Splendid work. The HK-47 base was fun as hell. I did run into the quirk with the game stalling when entering the Ravager due to Revans alignment, but that was fixed, luckily. All in all the same, and yet much, much better! I did, however, to my regrets, get enough influence with Mandalore so he couldn't use Ludo Kressh's Armband. And, a 99% Lightsided HK-47 is just... wrong. But I got everybody to max on the Light-Side-O-Meter, except GO-TO and Canderous. But they were getting there. I suppose I have to give it a go with a Dark Side Exile now... Ahh... I do have one question about the Lightsaber I got right after defeating Atris. No matter how many times I reloaded, it was the same blue coloured ordinary Lightsaber. Is that set in stone, or shouldn't that be random like the others? Is it because I saved just moments before the battle? Ohh. And when Hanharr lifts Mira by the throat at Malachor V, she just floats a fraction above the ground, and Hanharr holds his hand right above her head, where apparently she was supposed to be dangling.
  6. One of Kreia's lines in the conversation in the hidden academy on Telos with Atris states "I was the one who asked him to be exiled", even though the Exile is a woman.
  7. Well, I figured the escaped criminals would have been possible to locate on the station, if you hadn't gotten the quest before going to the planet and they weren't encountered in the Restoration Zone. There were some lines by Grenn in the vanilla version that rewarded you for persuing them and killing them in the Docks or some such, if I remember correctly. Could it possible to enable that for the people who didn't get the quest BEFORE travelling to the planet? If the proper conversational threads and voice-overs exist for such a scenario, that is? It would make sense as well. You didn't get the quest, but you also didn't meet them in the Restoration Zones, ergo logically they should still be on the station for you to hunt down, right? The dialog with the Rodian and Devaronian should be pretty straight forward, if something new needed to be written to enable it. Their speech is very open to interpretation. Another thing. The background music on the Citadel Station is somewhat gloomy. When playing covert ops as B-4D4, though, the music seems very cheery compared to the normal music on the space station. Sort of hinting that the droid is about to cause trouble for Czerka. However, when entering Czerkas offices to steal data from the mainframe, the mucis switches back to the standard Citadel Station background music. I figured that the somewhat mischievous music for that mission would continue to play, right up until B-4D4 delivered the data in the Ithorian compound and you switch back to the Exile. Not really a bug, more a mood-thing. I noticed it just now.
  8. Forgot something: In my now broken savegame I got an unusual amount of crashes fighting my way through the Exchange hideout in the Refugee Sector. It happened when killing Exchange Thugs. Sometimes it crashed every time I attacked something new, sometimes I could kill off 5 Exchange Thugs and BOOM! I can't really connect it to any particular place or hostile, it just happened regularly until the battle was over. I had more crashes in killing off the squidhead and the, what, 10 thugs than through the whole game up until that point. I used Flurry exclusively and as far as I recall, I had no crashes when I tried a normal attack, if that helps. Edit: I do suddenly remember another quirk about Sanham. In the original game without the fix, you couldn't expose him to Grenn if you waited to accept the smuggling quest later on in the game. Meaning after you returned from the Hidden Academy, if I remember correctly. You could accept the quest, but you were forced to complete it by stealing the stuff for Sanham, you couldn't play informant for Grenn. Now, I read the patch notes and didn't recall that peculiarity mentioned anywhere. If this has been fixed, though, then just ignore it.
  9. Oh SNAP! Well, I tried speaking to HK-50 again, and this time I got only Light Side points. Forget I said anything.
  10. Well, I'm almost there. It's gonna be a pain writing everything down...
  11. This is the stuff I've noticed in one halfways-through-the-game run. One of the bugs actually messed up my game royally, so I'll have a go at is once more, when I'm done posting here. Naturally I was like "Stuff extra saves!", so I'm on my way back to Peragus, unless anyone can help me mess with some of the variables in the savegame to get me back on course. Anyways, the bug I'm talking about is described at the bottom. Specs: Acer Aspire Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit GeForce GT 220 2.80 GHz AMD Athlon II X2 240 Processor 8 gigs of RAM Mods: TSLRCM ver. 1.7 and the patch. Exile: Light sided Sentinel/Weaponmaster Okay, here we go: General: Off-hand weapons are held wrong. The hilt on swords is sitting on the wrist of the left arm. Blasters are held wrong as well. Not really a bug, just a design quirk. Ebon Hawk: Training with Handmaiden: "Cheating" (putting on clothes, using weapons etc.) in a duel where it's prohibited by her will stop the fight. After she's given you a piece of her mind, she turns hostile again right after the conversation is over. Prologue: Spelling: T3-M4 dialogue with 3C-FD typo: "well who repaired who?" is "Well, who repaired who?" and likewise, "you're useless." is "You're useless." Peragus Mining Facility, Maintenance officers workshop: HK-50 keeps repeating "Greeting: It is a pleasure to see you intact, Master." when you walk past him. Maybe not a bug per se, but annoying. Also, got Dark Side Points somewhere along the conversation with him about the mining facilities' fate, but never picked anything that seemed to be a Dark Side response. Not sure which line triggers it. Tried going through the conversation twice ,picking lines that suggested I wanted to help the miners and they couldn't be hurt, also being outraged about them dying. Never threatened HK-50. Still got Dark Side Points. Sith boarding Ebon Hawk: The door to HK-47's storage room can still be blasted opened even though patchnotes from 1.6 to 1.7 says it's sealed. Sealed to me implies "cannot be opened at any time or by any means". My blaster rifle had no problems, sooo...... Telos Station: Dendis Dobo will argue with Samhan Dobo and Sanham will actually reply AFTER he's been arrested and is not present in the store. This happens the second time you speak to Dendis, if you haven't spoken to him BEFORE Samhan was arrested. The first time he'll thank you for getting Samhan arrested, and the second time he'll argue with the empty spot where Samhan used to be. Furthermore, he takes over Samhan's inventory and gets a lot of new high-level items as well for sale. Not sure if the inventory thing is a bug, but having a conversation with a non-existing Samhan is. Also, you can still trick the Ithorian to collect plants for Samhan in the Ithorian vivarium, even though the quest to acquire the goods for him is long over and he is arrested. Rather pointless. HK-50 squad in Docks after your return to the Citadel Station from Atris' academy will not attack automatically. You have to initiate dialog before they turn hostile, otherwise you can walk right past them without incident. Telos military facility: The Czerka salvage crew member you have to escort to the entrance has horrible pathing. He stops and freezes while walking constantly. You have to go back and walk around him a lots of times for him to pick up the pace again after he suddenly stops. I hate him. Atris' hidden academy: If you initiate dialog with a Handmaiden Sister immediately after a sparring match has begun and before she has turned hostile, you lose automatically. After the dialog has ended she turns hostile, and if you defeat her, extra Handmaiden Sisters spawn in the room beyond the 5 that are present. Nar Shaddaa Docks: When entering Vogga the Hutt's quarters to dance for him, there is some growling and barking in the background from kath hounds and a wookiee, even though the kath hounds aren't doing anything and the wookiee isn't present. Sounds from Hanharr's discussion with Vogga being played, I imagine. Allright, this one is rather lenghty, and I curse myself for not being able to keep it simpler, but I hope you get it: When saving immediately after entering the docks on the way to the meeting with Visquis BEFORE Mira speaks to you at the entrance, a reload will stop her from "kidnapping" me. If you save and reload just before that conversation triggers, she just stands there and you can ask her questions about her life as if she was on the Ebon Hawk, but the conversation that is supposed to trigger Atton's fight with the Twin Suns in the bar doesn't trigger. Stuck horribly. If you run back to the Landing Pad, the sequence with the invitation to the Jekk'Jekk Tarr from Visquis plays again, and immediately after that, the game moves on to the conversation with Goto aboard his yacht. And since the whole deal with Attons fight didn't play out, the game crashes when the party members who are supposed to save the Exile boards his yacht, because Iyou never got the option to pick a rescue crew or play the whole trip through the bar or Visquis' lair. Ergo, no one appears, and the game is dead. That's it for now. I'm on my way to start a new game. If I run into something else, I'll whine some more.