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  1. I have seen many threads about this but have not found one that specifically mentions sounds pulled from Sounds.bif in Kotor Tool or how to make them load in game after editing. All I want is to change the volume/alter some of the death sounds so they're less annoying in game. I used Kotor Tool to pull the files from Sounds.bif, edited them in Audacity, saved them as the same format they were ripped as (mono WAV), placed in Overide, and got no changes. All sounds played as Vanilla in game. I next tried to use the versions from the Streamaudio folder. I decoded them with SithCodec, edited them, saved them as the same file type, then recoded them with the .bat, and then tried loading that from Overide. Nothing. I then tried to just put each version in the Streamaudio folder directly, and it renders the sound mute. In the end I just put the original files back in their place and sulked. Is there something else I'm missing? Please help me out here. Nevermind, I guess the decoded version directly in Streamsounds do work... I could swear it didn't the first time.