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  1. Hi Thor, thanks for answering. Yes, in my desperation to make it work, I ignored how a predefined list works and added my shield because I found out that the script for the armbands was k_sup_bands and without adding my shield, it couldn't be compiled. It's strange because I've seen other mods that use armbands and are able to create their own effect; in fact, the ID of my Spell is 283 because 282 is already in use by another mod. But well, I guess I'll have to modify the effects of the Verpine, although I still don't know how to modify its duration, only how much damage it resists. Thank you for your help.
  2. Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. Finally, after a long time observing, I've decided to register. Game being Modded: KotOR 2 - The Sith Lords I've tried creating my own "Shield", similar to those in the game (Verpine, Echani, etc). I've changed the Tag and the TemplateResRef, created his respective rows in Spells.2da, in Forceshields.2da, I've made a modified version of k_sup_bands.ncs and added the decompiled version to override just in case: Added Code to k_sup_bands: (283 is the Row of my spell, SHIELD_FORGE_PROTOTYPE is the name in forceshields.2da, all following the syntax of the previous shields) else if(nIndex == 283) { nShield = SHIELD_FORGE_PROTOTYPE; nIcon = 99; } I've modified nwscript.nss to register the ID of my new shield int SHIELD_FORGE_PROTOTYPE = 21; In the item's .uti file, I've changed the properties so that when the Use Item is activated, my Spell (Row 283 in Spells.2da) is executed. Unfortunately, I've encountered the following issues: += Despite most changes like name, icon working, the shield still functions and projects the effects of the Verpine Prototype, even with its own spell and forceshield. (I've tried modifying my spell's look and damage resistance but doesn't do anything, but modifying the Verpine Prototype damage resistance does, as if it is connected to my shield somehow) += This is a bit stranger, but after modifying nwscript.nss and opening and closing the game multiple times (trial and error in creating the shield), it seems to revert and erase the line I created to register my shield. The programs I've used and their purposes: += KotOR Tool - Creating the item template and modifying it, modifying the 2da files to create the corresponding columns, extracting k_sup_bands without compiling. += GFFEditor - Modifying my new file a_shield_x08.uti to change its properties since KTool doesn't recognize the added spells and forceshields. Trying to add my spell with a new ID causes a StrRef Error. (The error is probably caused due to KTool using the base 2da's instead of the override's, so added rows are not recognized) += Kotor Scripting Tool / VSCode - Modifying k_sup_bands.nss before compiling and nwscript.nss += nwnnsscomp.exe - Compiling k_sup_bands. If you need any more info I will gladly provide it, I didn't know what to send so I am sorry if some information or crucial file is missing. Thank you for reading and for the help.