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  1. Thanks. I will clarify that this in the category of bug fixes. Not me playing or experiment with mods I am already familiar with :) This a bug fix request. We need a modification to correct the original saber beams that developers messed up with. This has nothing to do with trying out the various overhauls or retextures that offer alternatives away from biowares original art style. Only the hilt models introduce the glitch. This bug glitch has no need to be in existence. So not to be confused. We are actually NOT dealing with saber blade/laser textures. The bug glitch has been identified solely within the broken hilt models only. KOTOR is a game I have been playing for over a decade. Probably longer. I examined this bug thoroughly and very certain of it. I will ride off into the sunset when this issue is officially resolved
  2. Greetings modders have I got your attention? Please find a solution to fix the broken lightsaber models. Blue, green, red, yellow, viridian, silver, and bronze hilt models are all broken. Bioware successfully gave Cyan, Orange, and purple proper blade display. Thank you. I really appreciate what modders have done to improve the quality of Kotor. But I do not why one of the most obvious bugs has taken so long to fix!
  3. Lightsaber Bug Fix/Mod Request: Something I noticed about certain lightsaber Hilt models. They have brightness issues when viewed from behind and to the sides of their textures. They look distorted. Look fine when viewed at the front. Blade textures actually have minor fault with the issue though. The glitch is primarily caused within the hilt models themselves. There is a video here from Marius Fett. Is this what your using to change them? https://deadlystream.com/topic/9730-exporting-a-lightsaber-hilt-for-kotor-or-tsl/ - Notice how @DarthParametric fixed the glitch? - https://deadlystream.com/topic/6882-please-drop-any-lightsaber-hilt-mods-you-have-created-here/page/2/ - Take a look at: https://deadlystream.com/files/file/299-vps-hi-poly-tin-cans-kotor-1/ - Notice how the glitch has been covered all throughout the hilt models? Why? This is avoidable. Would they not look better with fixed models? If someone can fix those, send them to my mail box. Greatly appreciated. Now take a look here: https://www.nexusmods.com/kotor2/mods/1126 The Modder has successfully fixed the glitch. We can see that it is possible to cover the broken models with fixed models. I would also ask any Modder if interested, to convert these for the first game? Send them to my mail box or upload them? (K1) Blue, Green, Yellow, And Red Hilt Models look glitched. (K2) Blue, Green, Yellow, Viridian, Silver, and bronze Hilt models look glitched. - Within both games only purple, cyan, And orange/HOTG have the proper renditioning from the back and sides. - I'm aware of most all saber blade mods. The crazy 34 versions also. Please don't suggest any of those :) They can also fall victim to the glitch. I'm mainly pointing out a bug/glitch. I tried them all and I would much prefer improvements with the originals :) - The center of bio wares blade textures were made rather circular. They really should have stayed triangular or elliptical making sure the outer beam/glow wrapped around the tip/core more. Also the spiky tip glitch is also present. I'm not too much concerned for it however. The earlier beta stages of Kotor or much of the concept art depictions had triangular shaped saber beams. It would be nice to get those beta stage saber beams for an alternative. If anyone wishes to fix this issue, it would be a great addition to the community patch. It's completely solvable without any need to overhaul or create alternatives. Most lightsaber hilt models have the glitch and it really doesn't have to be there anymore. For more comparison: The difference between purple (fixed) and blue (broken) so very broken..... Now the beta KOTOR had triangular shapes which I thought looked cool. But could use a better pointed tip. Thanks to N-drew for the images. I have enjoyed using his beta textures.