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  1. Sorry for the necro, but many people may have this question and I have an answer. I recently started replaying these games after nearly 20 years and wanted the items from my saves (without having to remake hundreds of things). This is how I went about it, although there may be other ways, this one works for me. And yes, I'm that guy who made these 2 decades ago... Run Leto (I used this largely to make the first set of saves as I was unaware of KoTOR Tool at the time) Menu >> Tools >> Advanced Editor Right Click in the upper window >> Open File Go to your game saves and in the Files of type: dropdown select Package Files Open the SAVEGAME.sav You'll see a list of AVAILNPC?? The items you want to extract should be equipped to these characters. NOTE: you can't extract items from the player character (at least, I haven't found a way without errors). Open one of the NPCs and go down the tree to Equip_ItemList Check the entries to find the items you want, then right-click on the entry and Export Entry. It will export to a UTC file, so remane it UTI once it's saved. At this point the file will be far larger than it needs to be. Open it in KoTOR Tool or Holocron Tools and re-save it, this will bring the file size down considerably. And there you have it... Update: You can also open the AVAILNPC files directly from the gameinprogress folder. There is an alternate way to get the entire inventory at once, which allows for a new game start and no tedious item extractions... Find and download ERFEdit. (downloads section) Open any of the modified saves (SAVEGAME.SAV) and extract the inventory.res (be sure that everything you want is in the inventory and not equipped) Start a new game and save just after the kolto tank. Open this save with ERFEdit and drag the modified inventory.res into it, overwriting the original. Save the file and start your game. You should have an inventory full of items.