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  1. Hello, I'm having a very similar issue to the ones described above. I am using Seikan's Armor and a custom player head mod (Kira Carsen). When the player character is equipped with these armors, they appear transparent when the .2a file is set to "DEFAULT". When I change the file to "CM_Baremetal" the armor is no longer transparent and has a gloss effect which is good. However, my player's hair suddenly becomes full of metallic glowing edges. If there is anyway to keep the solid armor, and not have glowing hair, please let me know. Thank you.
  2. I recently installed two mods, one adds Kira Carsen (From SWTOR) as a playable appearance option, and another mod (Seikan Armors) adds a few armor sets into the game. The armors work on all other characters besides my character, and my guess is because it's a new appearance, and thus it could not be overridden when installed. I was wondering if there is anyway to work around this, like changing just the head or body of a character model. E.g. Replacing one of the pre-existing option's head with Kira's.