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  1. Hello again, I wonder if anyone is interested in this mod with integrated bigger fonts or users rather want to have separated mods - bigger fonts and widescreen GUI? As some parts are dependent - multiple GUI files need to be updated, when using bigger font, in order to avoid missing text display or wrong alignment. I need to consider how to organize files in folder to make installing as easy as possible - as many users have problems even with installing current GUI mods and in this case this would be even harder - due to GUI / font dependency.
  2. Huh, i thought more people would be interested in such mini-mod (especially because of larger fonts - for me even in 2K playing with original is quite annoying. Anyway I am still working on it. i was playing a little yesterday and thought that testing Android UI on PC may be interesting. Unfortunately many things seems to be hardcoded there, not handled via .gui files:
  3. Hello, currently i am working on widescreen mod (as i didn't found one that fully satisfied me). Its based on other works, but its not simply combination - it has updated graphic elements and most important fonts as this is main issue for bigger resolutions. Bellow you can find screenshots before/after. Please let me know what do you think.