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  1. Yeah, I had Hanharr. I'm about to play through again...but light side female this time, then light side male after that. It could take quite a while before I make it to this scene again, though.
  2. Thank you both. To my surprise, pressing 1 here worked. Now I feel like my post was overdramatic. I had thought that if pressing enter didn't work, neither would this, but lo and behold I was wrong. Ah, well. Now I can finish the game. I would try to help you out in return, LS2, but... I don't know anything about that, heheh.
  3. I looked on the download page for this mod at FileFront, and I found a comment made by somebody in the same situation I'm in. I quote: #62 - ACK! - 07-06-2010 at 17:35 Winternoise From: Joined: June 27th, 2010 Posts: 9 Finally, I got to Malachor. I cleared the first two levels and passed the remote's part... but then... IT HAPPENED. After the Goto/HK thingy, it switched to Handmaiden walking up to Kreia, and then it moved over to me. And... I just stood there. I took me a minute to realize that this was a part where I should have dialogue, but there were no choices. I couldn't do anything; I tried clicking where the dialogue would be, pressing enter, moving the arrow keys, et cetera, but nothing worked. Glitch? Will it be fixed when I reload? Must I reload before Malachor after downloading the next patch? Thanks. Unfortunately, nobody answered him. Is there no fix for this bug? I'm at a loss. I don't know what to do now! If I were to uninstall the mod, I'd miss the HK-47/Goto cutscene and the cutscene where each of the party members challenges Darth Traya. Those were my main reasons for downloading this mod. The HK factory was hard, man. I don't want that stuff to be for nothing. To clarify, here's the situation. I'm on Malachor V. I've got the TSL Restored Content Mod (1.6, I believe) installed, including the Nar Shaddaa patch. I'm at the part where the remote restarts the Mass Shadow Generator. Cue the scene with G0-T0, remote, and HK units. Then it goes to the scene where Darth Traya is sitting there, and the Handmaiden walks up. Before either of them speak, it cuts to a view of my character is if he is supposed to speak. But there are no dialog choices. The game isn't frozen in the traditional way (so it can't be a crash or a graphical bug), but the camera is fixed on the Exile, expecting him to say something. I can't skip it. I click, nothing happens. I wait, and nothing happens. I press enter and it makes a sound, but still nothing happens.