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  1. I just tried this method and it worked! Thank you so much dude, really appreciate it!
  2. I just want to know because I'm quite far into the game so I don't want to mess it up if this goes wrong and start again. Thanks
  3. So I'm trying to use this head mod for KOTOR 1 in conjuction with the Darth Bandon style armored robes I installed from here . Whenever I equipt one of these armored robes, my character appears to be wearing the vanilla Revan Robes just reskinned (Apologies I have no screenshots). I think this is because Seikans armored robes mod is not compatible with the head mod I installed hence the strange mesh. Is there any way to make these two mods compatible with each other so that seikans armored Robes works properly with the custom head mod I installed? Any help would be greatly appreciated and apologies if I didn't explain my issue that well. Thank you!