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  1. Well it seems that problem was caused by the old version of MDLedit. I discovered a beta version that i wasn't aware of and i have a much better results with it. Still weird that the head meshes worked ok with 1.0.3. Anyway, thank you all.
  2. No miscomunication, i understand what you mean. What I ment was if there isn't some value outside of the mesh file (possibly in the. 2da file, i know very little of them) that determines if the dangle mesh moves or not. I haven't tried yet to replace mesh that has dangly bits in vanilla. If it's going to work, then i might be on to something.
  3. Here they are. Exported with MDLedit v 1.0.3 PFBAM.mdx PFBAM.mdl Well that's it, I think the mesh is perfectly fine, but the problem is that it replaces mesh, that doesn't have dangly mesh in vanilla, in this case the dancer outfit.
  4. Thank you for your replies. I am not trying to apply it to a skinned mesh, I actually managed to make dangly meshes before without issues, just yesterday i tried to convert to danglymesh hair hrom your mod Handmaiden with Long Hair, and it worked like a charm. Well one of the first experiments I made was just to add dangly meshes from Attons jacket to basic female underwear model. I used the text editor and ascii models. And it didnt work, there is no movement in game. File in attachment. pfbam-kotormax.mdl.ascii
  5. Hi, i was playing with KOTORmax and danglymeshes lately. They seems to work perfectly on head meshes, or items that have them in vanilla, but when i was trying to add athem to another model, they dont move at all. For example, Effixian's Dancer's Outfit: It has mdl file with dangly mesh, everything seems to be correct, but in game it doesnt work. Can you advise ? Thank you.