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  1. Okay thank you guys! I actually manage to pull it using MDLeditor, I follow DarthParmetric's advice. So far there is no problem.
  2. Thank you for the reply. Yes I am familiar on how to port models from K2 to K1 but not much when it comes to the animation itself. I think what I want to get is "SS_Perform_Flurry_3" which is the "f2a2c"?? Once I do that, I guess its a matter of editng the animations.2da right? how to port that and replace the regular "SS_perform_flurry" which K1 has. How can I attach that on k1 supermodel? what application should I use? do I need an extensive knowledge on blender/kotormax to achieve this? I'm not that experience myself. Thank you in advance!
  3. lightsaber combat animations in kotor2 have variations. What I wanted to do is replace the generic single saber flurry from K1 into one of the variation of flurry (talking about the spinning flurry one) I dont want it to be complicated like K2 with random attack variations. I am satisfied with one animation per attack, i just want to replace it. I dont know where to start. Is this possible?