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  1. Ok fair enough. How about having PFHC02 head from KOTOR 2 have the hair style from PFHB02 from KOTOR 1 but Blonde? I know it would look similar to PFHC05 head from KOTOR 2 but the hair from PFHB02 from KOTOR 1 looks slightly different in terms of style and I honestly like the head from PFHC02 better from KOTOR 2 I mean if everyone feels that my mod request would be just too much then at least give this a shot all you really have to do is combine the PFHC02 head from KOTOR 2 with the hairstyle from PFHB02 from KOTOR 1 and just change the color of the hair to blonde. PFHC02.jfif PFHB02.jfif
  2. Understandable RL responsibilities should be everyone's first priority and as for your Duros Overhaul mod that should also be your priority as well and if even then you still don't feel up to it that's ok with me as well hopefully somebody out there would be more willing but like any true Jedi I must have patience. Maybe to some people but not to me and I don't want to sound picky and I mean no offense when I say this but short haired women isn't exactly my thing.
  3. I am aware that it takes lots of time for someone to answer my request I get that and you are right I could do this my self if I knew how to do it but thing is I don't and even if I did I know for a fact that my mod would look like a baby trying to draw for the first time and I'm not quite wiiling to go through hell trying my best to get this mod to look great even though I know it never will that's why I have no choice but to rely on someone else and like I said in my post.
  4. By the way If nobody wants to do this mod for me then that's ok I won't complain and if I'm to be honest I have made a mistake of complaining before and I've gotten alot of hate from alot of people and besides I know it was very stupid of me to do that so if no one ever wants to make this mod for me then I will just move on however if someone is willing to do this mod for me I'd greatly appreciate it.
  5. I don't think that anyone would be willing to make this mod for me cause no one has ever accepted my mod requests before and I'm aware that this game doesn't have a big modding community at least from what I've seen but it never hurts to ask so can someone please make this head from a fan's beautiful artwork for KOTOR 2? I don't know much about modding so I don't know if its possible to make a custom head like this or not but if anyone is willing to give it a try I would greatly appreciate it. [Note] - This amazing art work was not done by me and I don't know who did make this but credit goes to that person.