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  1. I removed all of my mods and only installed a fresh TSLRCM and the problem was still there with my initial post i was just wondering if anyone knew what this models name was so i could find the conflict.
  2. ok i will see if this helps so i found what texture the republic officer is using but i think it is an issue in appearance.2da but i don't know the name of the model that is creating the override for mira's armor. So i went into the uti and found a disguise error in the file So its a problem with TSLRCM I removed all of mu mods and just fresh installed TSLRCM and her armor was still the republic officer.
  3. When i equip Mira's mandalorian armor her model changes to a mans model and i dont know what files to delete in override to fix this
  4. So i have a high quality Darth Sion model and was wondering if there was a tutorial on how to replace models in kotor 2.
  5. I wanted to try and make the game look a little less flat and found a post about bump maps, but its a little confusing was wondering if there was a video or a step by step tutorial on how to add bump maps and specular maps to models.
  6. This is very helpful but I cant find my armor on game banshee, the only thing i can think is the armor was added from a mod or something because the armor is just "characters name" armor plate. PLus when i go into kotor tool i cant find the blueprint section under bifs. Ok i found it using the idea it was a mod i narrowed down the .tga file to files starting with pmb and opened all the textures of the same color and inverted them one by one to find the correct texture for my armor.
  7. I am trying to retexure one of the armors but i do not know the file name for it. Was just wondering if there was an easy way to find the file name for armors.
  8. Im using blender 2.79 to create a high poly head mesh that still looks classic but a little smoother. However every time i try to export to a .mdl file it doesn't export. Any help on how to fix this would be great