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  1. Hey there, thanks for the response. yeah I found the same video after I did the unsuccessful install. However now when I try to reinstall the mod, it no longer gives me the option of where to store it, and I’m not even sure where it went exactly in the first place. Which means I don’t know where to look to find it and uninstall it so I can reinstall properly in the right location.
  2. I am a true KOTOR fan, but don't know a ton about computers and played the originals on xbox (dozens of times) I really want to be able to access the extra content that was cut as well as check out the other planet, I hear it makes Kotor 2 way better. I followed download instructions, but it didn't work. I'm on windows 10 and the original game works fine (got from steam) but just cant get the mods going. I'm guessing I installed incorrectly. I will happily pay you to guide me through on a video call or something. I'm sure its something that would take 5 minutes for someone who knows what they are doing. Thanks in advance.